Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking for love....

Sometimes we are looking for happiness, love, healing, acceptance on the outside. It can feel like there is a void or some deep wound that is in need of filling/healing but since we're not in touch with it we seek to fill it with people, places and things. It's not wrong to want connection or to want to feel supported, accepted and loved but when this need becomes so big that you are in constant need of reassurance, or when it becomes a way of trying to heal the wound then it can lead to intense suffering. Seeking love on the outside doesn't work because if that love, happiness, acceptance and healing doesn't live within you, then taking it in and being able to hold this feeling in your heart is like trying to hold on to water.

The path to healing begins when we are able to respond to our our wounds, hurts/feelings and the actual healing starts with our ability to feel self compassion during those times when life becomes challenging. What helps us stay connected with life and others is our ability to acknowledge when we are judging ourselves or others and be willing to allow compassion to fill our hearts. This is what heals, this is what connects. So open your mind,let the judgment fade into the background,and let your heart open to compassion. When you do this the void within begins to fill and from that place of fullness you can give and take in love, support, happiness and connect with life.

How do you practice self-compassion?

It can be difficult and awkward when practicing self-compassion for the first time. Having steps or a guide can help. Watch this video by Tara Brach where she talks about how cultivating compassion and practice with her as she guides participants in the practice of self compassion.

May you be well

May you be peaceful

May your heart be filled with compassion

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thoughts often increase the pain in life...

When you are suffering, when all seems hopeless and you are feeling despair,bring awareness to your thoughts. What are you believing? How is this growing your emotional pain? It's not about denying the pain you are's noticing when you are adding to the pain and transforming pain into suffering. Thoughts are not just held in the mind, they often feed the emotion that is triggered by the thought. If I am anxious or fearful and begin to panic I might start having fearful thoughts, I create a story about what catastrophe is around the corner and when I do this my body begins to prepare and goes into flight, fight, attack mode. One way to help soothe the emotions is to bring compassion to the pain, let your thougths fade into the free...breathe in peace...breathe out stress